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2014-07-05: has a YT video channel. Be sure to check it out, we're uploading video footage from the CZPW2014 with lot's of interesting talks.

2014-04-04: The 1st Czech Perl Workshop is here! Yes, it was about time. A two-day workshop with focus on Perl Technology (day 1) and Enterprise Perl (day 2). With the help of the usual and some unusual suspects as sponsors a low-cost high-class event.

2014-01-01: Happy New Year - Perl Community! So what's it going to be this year? No CMS, no ERP. Maybe some cryptocoin application then? There is one or two modules for that on CPAN already. Hooray! Or a free-ride as the scripting language for a JAVA home management system? The possibilities are limitless - provided you have a vibrant community. wink

2013-08-16: The TIOBE Programming Community Index for August 2013 shows - again - a continuing decline of Perl. We're monitoring the indicators underlying that and all of them look actually good for Perl. All of them except YouTube, where the discrepancy between PHP, Python and Perl is tremendous and may very well account for all the difference we see in the summarizing graph. So the Perl community should probably start doing at least something on YouTube.

2013-08-13: YAPC::EU 2013 Kiev - talking about HowTo: get Perl as the most popular sripting/dynamic language. Slides are on the speaker's pages.

2013-06-22: up again! Would you believe it? 3GB of self-inflicted error.log sent Foswiki into a kind of auto-DoS... All cleaned up and ensured that won't happen again. Good news is, Sympa's running like a charm.

2013-04-09: The TIOBE Programming Community Index for April 2013 is here. Perl seems to have - for the moment - stopped its decline. Now we have to make sure this is not just a temporary spark, but the beginning of a trend.

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