Perl Popularity Status Quo

At, we're measuring daily the popularity of programming languages according to the definition as given in the TIOBE Index. That way, when that index is presented, there are no big surprises. As of April 14th the overall situation for the measured languages is shown in the picture below.

We of course monitor also every source used to compute that index. The April issue of TIOBE for Perl shows a nice turnaround resulting from various actions within the Perl community. However, from the picture above, you can see that this trend has come to a halt. Maybe we Perl hackers are not that enduring? smile

Analysis of the sources used for index computation shows a burning issue and that issue is YouTube. While having only a mere 9% weight in the index' computation, the sheer numerical distance between "perl programming" and other languages is killing. Compare the less than 900 occurences of "perl programming" with the more than 22000 occurences of "python programming".

Call for Action

We therefore strongly suggest, you
  • Fetch yourself some popcorn, nachos and favourite bewerage and start watching the perl-related videos. There's a high chance you will be surprised of the content and the quality you'll find there.
  • Comment on these videos, answer questions and make sure, you mention in your comment at least once the "Perl programming language".
  • If you have Perl-related videos on YouTube or know someone who does, please suggest that these are tagged with "Perl programming (language)"
  • have a look at the "python programming" videos and see if some of them couldn't be done for Perl accordingly (and containing "Perl programming language").
  • If you have own ideas of Perl-related content on YouTube, please make them come true.
  • Participate in Perl/Python, Perl/Ruby, Perl/PHP discussions. Be polite, don't advocate but educate, make sure the "Perl programming language" term is used.
  • If you have other ideas how to bridge that 900 to 22000 gap, by all means, please try to implement them.

In general, however, there is virtually NO Perl-related content on YouTube (compared to other popular scripting languages). No mass, nothing to yield from. Compare the 1mio+ hits for "Python" with the 40k+ hits for "Perl". Let's gain mass!


In order to achieve maximum impact, we should avoid doing double work. If five people comment accordingly on one video, the effect is significantly smaller if in five videos there's one comment per each video. Therefore, you should form groups inspecting various parts of YouTube content.

  • Perl -"Perl programming" - Pages containing the term Perl, but not "Perl programming"
  • Perl Python - probably pages discussing Python and Perl (however, there are some people with the name Perl who do Python...)
  • same as above with PHP and Ruby
  • "Web development" -Perl - Pages discussing web development and not mentioning Perl
  • MVC, where you could deploy comments about Catalyst and Dancer written in the "Perl programming language"
  • etc. !!!
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